Friday, 18 April 2014

10 Reasons I'm Excited for the Sun to Come Out ☼



Baby animals

Painting your toenails pretty



Fresh sheets dried outside 

Evening picnics

Ice cold smoothies


Thanks for this awesome tag by Maiya over on WISPY AND WILLOWY ^_^

I tag Rachel, Cat, Eden and anyone else who wants to have a go:)

Cheerio! Milly x

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Currently I'm #3

Hello everyone! It's that time again over on Miyyi for another Currently I'm which I love doing as its a lovely way of  letting you all know what I'm up to and just have a good ol' catch up. So off we go...


Miss Perigrines Home For Peculiar Children is a fantastic book so far as I'm about 150 pages in! It's about a boy called Jacob who loves his Grandfather and his creepy stories about his old children's home run by Miss Pereigrine. As Jacob grows up he starts to question his Grandfather's stories and this questioning leads him on to remarkable discoveries. I love how the freaky pictures tie in with the novel and the picture on the front instantly draws you to the book. This is a real page turner which I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to get into creepy style books.


Friends, Big Bang Theory and desperate housewives. Oh dear I have a terrible obsession with all of these shows recently. I'm not going to go into detail so I thought I'd just share with you my favourite charaters... Friends: Joey, BBT: Sheldon (obviously) and Desperate Housewives: Susan. So there you go incase any of you were interested:)

Listening To
The Starwars soundtrack on R E P E A T. I'm just loving orchestral movie music recently but Starwars just has to be my favourite.

Earl Grey Tea, Smoothies and Mochas from McDonalds, a nice variety:))

The longer evenings! The clocks have changed which is super awesome, how I've missed having the sun out until 7:30. Roll on the first BBQ:D

Walking! I'm loving walking at the moment, especially now the weather has improved in England:D

It's the Easer holidays *Loud Cheer* which means not very much at all! But before I broke up I had a frenzy of year 10 mock exams which wasn't the most enjoyable thing I have ever done...

Top: Newlook £10
Shorts: Primark £5 (Last Year)
Sunglasses: £4.99 NewLook
Bracelets: £8.00 Accessorize
Necklace: Newlook (Can't find it online any-more)
Sandals: Marks and Spencers £25 (Last year)

I hope you all enjoyed that nosey into what I've been up to! You can read my previous currently I'm by clicking HERE Let tell me in the comments what you have been doing (I'm nosey too you know;)) and since it's the Easter holidays and I'm going into the last school term *another loud cheer* I will hopefully be posting more regularly *the biggest cheer ever*. 

Cheerio! Milly x

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