Sunday, 2 June 2013

Playing Music in Front of an Audience

Me and my sister are members of Horsforth music centre which runs every Saturday morning during term time. I play the violin, double bass, keyboard and the recorder, my little sister Poppy plays the violin, piano and also the recorder. So as you can probably imagine, music centre is right up our street and we love going! Classes range from "learn to play saxophone" to "try out flamenco dancing".

Double bass solo by me:)

Music centre unfortunately finishes in May, but at the end of the year, every class is welcome to perform in a little concert. This time we had a fun picnic concert which consists of everyone bringing a picnic into the building and eating it whilst listening to all of the music and performances. We were supposed to have this concert before we broke up for Easter, however, it snowed, so we didn't. But do not fear, we rescheduled this concert to the end of the year and boy was it a music making, dancing, singing blast!

Poppy concentrating

I think it's so important for musicians to play in bands and orchestras as it develops different skills needed to become a better player, whatever the instrument. It helps you to listen to other parts and instruments, learn to keep in time with everyone and how to follow a conductor (which is harder than it looks!)

Sorry about the poor editing and fuzzy camera, my bad, sorry.
Also performing to an audience, helps to boost your confidence and gives you something to work towards, this helps you to get ready for future music exams. It doesn't matter how big or small the audience is, it could be to your mum in the living room, to your family and friends at a party or it could be performing to thousands at the Royal Albert Hall... I think it's a great way to show off what you can do!

Cute smile there;)
So all in all the concert was very enjoyable, with friends who came to watch clapping along and enjoying themselves, which is what I call a success!

Do any of you guys play an instrument, if so let me know in the comments:)

Photos thanks to John Cartwright:
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