Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Liebster Award!

Thank you so much for Ultracelestial and Lazy Days Beauty for nominating me for the amazing Liebster award, I'm so happy people have recognised my blog, eep! This is a special award created to find new smaller blogs to go and follow and the only criteria for being nominated is that you have a blog with less than 200 followers! (Leave a comment if I made a mistake with that...) So because I was so kindly nominated ^_^ I have to give 11 facts about myself, then answer the 11 questions set by each nominee, then set 11 questions to ask the 11 people I nominate! You following? Just remember the number 11 and you'll be well on your way:p Sooo off we go!

So the 11 facts about me should be a piece of cake as I've done the 50 facts about me tag back in September which you can read HERE

*I've been a bridesmaid twice

*I'm not a fussy eater, I just love food in general (it's a very one sided relationship)*

*I want to be a vet when I'm older*

*My favourite gaming console ever has to be the N64 which I play the original Zelda Ocarina of time on (best game ever.)*

*My birthday is the 7th of January making me a capricorn*

*I have a younger sister called Poppy who's sat next to me on the bridesmaid picture above ^^*

*I have 3 cats, Blackie who's 16, lola who's 4 and Tinka who's also 4*

*I play the Double bass and Violin as my main instruments, I'm working towards my grade 5 on both:)*

*I'm terrible at listening and get distracted WAYYY too easily...*

*I love buying new nail polishes and hate that we're not aloud to wear it at school:'(*

*I can't say the word Squirrel, it comes out either "skirrel" or "squirrl". Luckily the word "Squirrel" doesn't crop up in that many conversations:)*

So now I'm a bit confused because I got nominated twice and therefore I don't want to leave one person's questions out so I think I'm going to do both sets of the questions?!*

So first off it's the questions from Lazy Day's beauty:)

What is your favourite flavour of Ben and Jerrys?

Between mint choc chip or phish food. Great, now I'm hungry:p

Do you collect anything and if so, what?

Yes indeedy I do, rubbers of all things! Infact I wrote a post all about my collection that you are free to read HEREE

What was the last book that you read?

Of Mice and Men for my English Literature GCSE... We had to read it over the Easter holidays and I will continue to reread it until I finish school in 1 year 1 week:( (not that I'm counting or anything)

If you had to only keep one item of make up and bin the rest, what would it be?

I would be so sad if this actually happened. But I guess I'd keep my Maybelline Falsies Mascara or my Mint Candy Apple polish from Essie, because well it's just so pwetttyyy.

Who is your biggest influence and why?

I would have to say Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter (excluding family members and friends:D)

 Where is your dream holiday destination?

I would have to say Australia. I can't wait to travel there during some sort of gap year to go and finally meet family over there!

What made you start blogging?

When I was younger I used to go on website building sites and create pages full of pet widgets and pictures that I loved. A combination of that, Cat's blog and reading numerous articles about how relaxing and rewarding blogging can be caused me to create Miyyi! ^_^

When was the last time you laughed out loud and why?

I'm constantly laughing but the last time was probably when I watched THIS World of The Orange video about an hour ago. (comment if you watch WOTO too)

What is you favourite type of blog post to read?

I love it when bloggers write about a topic that they have a strong opinion on that enables you to see different sides of specific things that you may not have thought about previously. (deep)

And what is your favourite type to write?

Trips to places matched with photo's of the day/time spent there.

 If I gave you £50, what would you spend it on?

Either some new converse, clothes, food or put the money towards buying a Penny board!:D

And from Ultracelestial:

What is your favourite colour?

 Have you ever stolen anything?
I occidentally picked up 2 sweets from the shop without realising when I was 7 and felt so bad that I made my mum eat it.

Favourite band(s)?
Arctic monkeys, The Vaccines or The 1975

 Has a book ever made you cry? If so which?

Yes, so many books! Naughts and Crosses, Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Hunger games, When a Monster Calls are just a few!

 Favourite flower?

Daffodils and Cherry Blossom

How did you get the name for your blog?

My sister calls my Miyyi instead of Milly so I thought it was a cute name for a blog.

 Favourite food?
Cheesecake and fruit

What colour is your hair?

 Favourite fim?

Hunger Games Catching Fire

If you had to meet one Actor/ Actress who would it be?

Jim Parsons (obviously;))

Favourite song(s) at the moment?

Seth Lakeman's Race to be King and The Vaccine's Norgaard

And now I have to come up with 11 questions!

1. What bag do you use everyday or for school

2. Do you want or play any musical instruments?

3. Favourite video game or gaming app?

4. Dream job/ what job do you want to do when you're older?

5. Do you have any pets?

6. Who are your style inspirations?

7.  Favourite sweets?

8. Biggest fear?

 9. What phone do you have

10. Favourite subject at school / favourite activity you do if you don't go there :p

11. Your top 3 shops

Finally, I have to nominate other bloggers!

This was very hard to find people who hadn't already done the award so I'm really sorry that I have only nominated 3 people, if you have already excepted this award then please let me know in the comments so I can read it!:D


Well done for any of you who have got to the end of that EXTREEMLY long post! ^_^

Good luck to any of you who have got exams at the mo, let me know in the comments how you're finding them!

Cheerio! Milly x


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