Sunday, 21 April 2013

Collection 2000 White Nail Polish

So yesterday I decided that I wanted little French tip nails with just a pinky base for a Christening that I went to today. To do the tips, I used Collection 2000 French white nail polish and it worked a dream!
I had to write on the 2000 as whilst I was attempting to clean excess nail polish from the bottle,  the 2000 rubbed off, my bad...
I find it quite hard to do tips by hand but this nail polish is perfect for the job as you don't feel like it needs a second coat, which is quite surprising since this is a white colour.
Also the applicator brush, even though it's not specifically for doing tips was still quite easy to use, even when attempting my right hand. Although I did have to only use tiny drops of nail polish at a time.
With a top coat, I'm proud to say, my nails have no chips in them whatsoever! Hooray!
I used Frenchlook Rose as my base coat if you were wondering:)
So in conclusion... I'm happy with Collection 2000 and I'm definitely going to buy some more of their nail polish:)
Cheerio! Milly x