Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rwanda Part 1- The Rainforest

Summer 2015 was the greatest time of my life.

After completing my GCSEs, I decided that I wanted see more of the world (deep) so in June I went travelling to Rwanda for 3 weeks to see my dad as he lives there.

I'm going to post all about what I got up to, but I'm going to do it in parts because there is a LOT of photos..

Anyways first of all I thought  I'd talk and show you my exploration of Nyungwe Forest which was absolutely AMAZINGGGG.

Rwanda is really focusing on improving their tourism throughout the country. For example they recently built a sky scraper in the Capital which contains a super market, clothes shops and even an Apple Store and the countries only cinema!

The progression and development of tourism has meant that the road running through the rain-forest has been completely redone so that it is smooth and easy to travel to across to other parts of Rwanda.

We stayed at this super cheap and amazing place called 'Peace Guest House' which was so cute with traditional African Bungalows and a stunning view of Lake Kivu. I felt very safe, the people were friendly and the food was great- they even made pancakes!!

 This is the road through the rain-forest I was talking about- here you can see the last part being finished.

About to go on a crazy canopy walk above the tops of the trees- one of the best but scariest experiences of my life..



The next adventure was chimpanzee tracking!!!!

 This was another unforgettable experience seeing such amazign creatures in their natural habitat. I still can't believe we saw them. Definitely worth getting up at 4am for!!

Here you can see the tea plantations on the edge of the forest. It was so amazing to see literally hundreds of women out picking tea leaves as we drove through into the trees.

It's now January 7th 2016 (My 17th birthday actually) and I'm going to really try this year to post more content! 2015 was the best year of my life and I wish I'd shared more of it on 'Miyyi' to look back on.

Thanks whoever is still reading- We've actually nearly hit 15,000 page views which is pretty amazing considering I haven't posted in around 8 months (oops)

Rwanda is a truly beautiful place.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and happy new year!! What are your new years resolutions?

Milly x

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