Sunday, 3 November 2013

Currently I'm... #2

Hello everyone! Back in July I did a "Currently I'm..." post which you can read HERE. I loved letting you guys know what I was doing  so thought I would do another update 4 months later, maybe make this a Miyyi tradition? Who knows, but lets get on with it then shall we! Off we gooooo...

I've juts read "Running in Heels" by Helen Bailey which I finished whilst sat for a VERRY long time in Tynemouth waiting for my diving competition to begin. It was just a slightly funny book that I got from the library that I knew I could easily get into:) I enjoyed it but not a book that I will buy and add to my bookshelf. Right now I'm reading Hunger Games Catching Fire for about the quadrillianth ( let me know if that's actually a number;)) time ready for the movie which is coming soon, I'm so totally excited!!!!

*excited face*


Educating Yorkshire! Because I'm a Yorkshire lass in a public school, I could easily relate to everything going on and I just thought it all to be hilarious:') If you haven't been watching it or are in another country, it's where the TV people put cameras all around a school (in Yorkshire) and record all the teachers and students. I'm so sad it's finished:( Of course Great British Bake off (the name says it all) And I nearly forgot the lovely Xfactor, I don't even really like the show but I always get pulled into it every year by my family... Abi Alton and Luke Friend is my favourite so far if any of you were wondering;)

Listening To
Arctic Monkey's new album AM has been played non stop recently aswell as a spot of Greenday and Jake Bugg!
Even though it's getting pretty nippy here in England I've still been drinking Costa Creamy Coolers. Don't Judge. The winter coming closer and closer means that hot chocolate has been on the menu aswell as warmed-in-the-microwave apple juice!

FIREWORKS! I went to a bonfire yesterday at Thornes Park in Wakefield and even though it was cold and chucking it down with rain, I really enjoyed it! I definitely love fireworks :-D

Lip balms, hand-creams and spending time with friends:) I have the pinkpunch and mint fresh Maybelline BabyLips that I have been using lots these past few weeks, I keep the mint one in my blazer pocket;) Also my bodyshop hemp hand-cream that is so totally amazeballs has been a must as I get really dry hands in winter

Too muchhh:( Coursework has finally kicked in for us year 10s which means lots of homework and lots of learning. 
Jumpers, cardigans and onesies. I haven't grown since last winter, this means all of my lovely jumpers still fit me AND I have some money to go and buy more, yay for not growing! I also have my trusty onesie and I bought a lovely open cardigan yesterday that I know I'll get a lot of where out of!

So there we are:) Hope everyone enjoyed that and now you all know what I'm up to, not creepy at all;) Have any of you guys got Maybelline BabyLips? What are you wearing this winter? Do you think 4 months is a good gap between each "Currently I'm" post? Let me know in the comments!

Also me and Rachel are hosting an exciting Christmassy themed bundle of excitement which we will be revealing this Wednesday so keep tuned for that:)

Finally the firework photo is thanks to John Cartwright:

Cheerio! Milly x