Saturday, 23 August 2014

5 Reasons to Love Maths

I'm aware that 99% of my readers will have scrolled past this post but for those who haven't then WELL DONE (+6749 maths cool points) Let's kick this post off then: I'm a blogger who happens to L-O-V-E mathematics.

Why so beautiful?

Yep and because of this I thought I'd share some reasons to love maths. Please don't stop visiting my blog, it's not all about maths, we also talk about puppies and rainbows)

1. First thing's first: a study has proven that Chocolate can improve your maths skills and make you feel less tired or mentally drained. This means that whilst studying and before exams you HAVE to eat chocolate because then you will become a maths GENIUS. If that's not a reason to love maths then I don't know what is;) You can read the full article ~HERE~

Notice how I demonstrated this in a mathematically way^, pretty proud of myself for that one^_^

2. Realise that in maths you don't even need to be good at spelling, have to wear horrific clothes and get all sweaty afterwards or remember case studies. All that maths requires is for you to sit in a room, incredibly still and look like you're entering stuff on a calculator when in reality you're just trying to spell words on it...

Alternatively you could attempt to have a go at a few questions and discover that YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!!!

3. The answers are either right or wrong, no faffing around deciding if it's 'relevant to the question' etc. That's one of the reasons I love maths so much as, unlike English, it's black and white!

4. You don't have to remember words or phrases, facts or philosophies to the exact letter. In fact maths requires the least amount of revision once you've got your head around parts of it.  Any formula you might need to use is on the front of your exam paper so the only thing you need to remember is how to APPLY it to questions:)) Piece of PI*

5. It's super practical, you can use maths for practically anything! So whatever you want to do/ are doing now uses maths, WOOP!

Something a bit different here on Miyyi, let me know what you think down below! Also what are your opinions on maths, do you love or hate the subject and please tell me why I'm genuinely interested!!^_^

Side note from maths... when this post goes up I'll be in Wales staying with family, probably looking at castles or body boarding on the beach, FUN! But I've just worked out how to schedule a post to go up. This obviously means I'm no longer a blogging N00B, woohoo!!

Cheerio! Milly x


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* I changed it from 'piece of cake' to 'piece of Pie' to 'Pi' because it was a maths word. I'm so sorry that was so awful I even had to explain myself, plz no h8.

Monday, 18 August 2014

OOTD Acid Wash Jeans

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to share with you an OOTD- I've never done one of these before here on Miyyi so let me know what you think in the comments:)

Check out my MUSCLES (joke lol)
Top from NEXT

The sunglasses are my sisters bought when we were in France and so are the bracelets:)

2 weeks on holiday, still as pale as a dying fish 
Shoes from Marks and Spencers
Check out these shoes in action over on another post ~HERE~

Jeans are from PRIMARK!!
I adore Primark jeans if they fit me- most of them don't because of my crazy leg shape. Top tip for buying jeans in Primark- you're not the size you think you are, I have jeans from them ranging from size 6 to size 10... These are a size 8 super skinny fit in the length but are still a tad too baggy if any of you were wondering:))

Necklace was a gift:)
I'm obsessed with little dainty necklaces at the moment both on their own and layering, I love how sparkly yet subtle this star charm is:)

The colour of the jeans has seemed to change weirdly but here's what they look like from the back:)
Hope you all liked that outfit^_^ Are you a fan of the acid wash trend? Let me know in the comments below:)

I'm going to Wales either tomorrow or Wednesday but luckily for you I have some posts scheduled to go up so you won't be without my insightful words of wisdom whilst I'm away:) I plan on body boarding and looking at castles, SUCH FUN!:D

Cheerio! Milly x


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Saturday, 16 August 2014

France #2 Failed fishing and Stream Paddling

Hello! Two blog post in 2 days, I'm on a blogging ROLLEEE *applause followed by tears of happiness and joy*, you're welcome everyone, 2 consecutive days where you get to read my ramblings about France. Let me know if you're enjoying this in the comments BTW just so I can see whether this whole trip thing is a good idea or not... Anyyyway lets not get off task now, FRANCE. YES. Off we gooo...

Day 2 of France consisted of getting up really late after arriving at about 12 am the previous day, going a bit crazy on the croissants and baguettes, French supermarket shopping, walking, paddling in a stream and trying to trap a GIANT hornet.
Playing rounders in the front garden, within 2 minutes the ball was lost in one of those bushes^.

You'll all be calling me the style Goddess (Dat ass doeee)
Trying to catch a fish, I didn't even fall in (obvs a miracle because I'm the clumsiest person ever in the whole world. Ever.)
French dragonfly
I'll just become a professional photographer
 There were so many dragonflies which meant I had lots of opportunities to take millions of pictures of them which increased my chance to get a good picture of one worthy of this pure class blog. You're welcome.

Me looking about 5

I hope you're all appreciating my super trendy beach shoes.
I have a way with small children. Call me supernanny as well as the Style Goddess...
 The stream water was cold but it was 'chill' (get it? No? Never mind...) because the weather was sooo warmm:)
A hornet chilling with a plug. init. 
I didn't even know what a hornet was until I went to France. Who knew they could get so angry and kill small children. I'm sorry but one didn't sting me so there will still be blog posts on Miyyi :P

Also on the first day we found a wasps' nest. It was in one of the bedroom's and the occupant didn't notice until the morning after he had slept in the room ALL NIGHT. I find that hilarious now, but at the time we were all very sympathetic for the horrendous trauma he had suffered.

What fun! What activities do you enjoy when you're on holiday? I love being active and trying new things but I know lots of people prefer to just relax by the pool, so please let me know:)

Cheerio! Milly x


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Friday, 15 August 2014

France #1 The Longest Journey Everr*

Hellloooo everybody! So I've just got back from my holibobs in the North of France where we went with some family friends and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I got up to while I was over there. But instead of putting it all in one longggg post I thought I'd break my 13 day trip up into separate posts to make it easier for you to read (I know I'm so kind, thank me in the comments down below)

 So off we goo...

After the 8 hour drive from Yorkshire to Plymouth, we boarded a GIGANTIC ferry to Roscoff that took 6 hours.
Brittany Farries

Say hello to queen Hayley (my mum, I know, she's so cool)
The sibling
On the ferry I did the worst dot to dot ever, enlighten me in the comments to what you think it is (I have no idea)
The ferry journey over to France was great, the sea was super calm and the shops were amazing (I had to stop myself using all my holiday money on perfume)
Mother and daughter

Ferry Arriving in France

France Ferry Port

France Ferry Port

Once off the ferry it was a 2 hour drive to the 4 bedroom Gites we were staying at:)

French gites

I promise these posts will get better as the holiday progresses, pictures from a ferry aren't the most exciting thing in the world but I do like things to be in chronological order!:p


Cheerio! Milly 


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*Yes I know there are journeys which are longer (stickers for all you smarty pants jokers) but trust me, squeezing in a car with 7 people for 17hours plus a 6 hour ferry trip FEELS like the longest journey ever;) What's the longest amount of time you've spent travelling? Let me know in the comments:)