Monday, 29 September 2014

Leeds Den Festival!

So yesterday I went den building in Leeds. My life is one big artsy adventure...

How cool is this guy's scooter, an inspiration really;)

And here's our creation, THE FLOWER PALACE^_^...

It takes a lot of concentration to make an awesome flower
VoilĂ !

Obviously a real working kettle...
Just making eggs brb

Hope you're all appreciating the picture (my best work)

 All of the dens were AMAZING! I can't believe how much fun I had sticking bits of cardboard together and making tissue paper flowers all day.

Our den wasn't structurally that great I mean we don't even have a roof for goodness sake! But our interior is top notch wonderfulness even if I do say so myself. (modest)

It was so warm and sunny as well on Sunday, I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much if it was chucking it down with rain... The cardboard would have got very damp and soggy.

 A woman said to me that she didn't think about anything else in her life, just making her den as best as it could be. She's absolutely right, I felt escaped from everything and, to be honest, I could have happily lived in that little den village forever! (if there was WIFI, let's be real people)

To top off this Sunday, we only managed to win one of the 4 prizes for best den! We won a gift voucher, woop!^_^

The den village is staying up for a couple of days so if you're in Leeds then I would highly recommend popping into the Tetley Gallery and having a look:))

I hope you liked this unusual post! From the pictures, what den is your favourite? (excluding ours because obvs it was the best;)) Have you ever made a den?!

Cheerio! Milly x


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Saturday, 27 September 2014

BarryM Nail Paint in Rose Hip

This was the first BarryM polish I've owned and I have to say that I love it! This is from the Gelly High Shine Range and is called 'Rose Hip'. I got it from Superdrug whilst I was visiting family in Wales (there's always time to shop;)) and I'm obsessed and feel that I need to go out right now and buy all the colours.

They come in a 10 ml bottle and this one cost £3.99. It took two coats to get the colour completely opaque which I think is amazing as it's the same with the Essie polishes and they're twice the price!

The consistency is wonderful although it did go slightly streaky at times on some nails, I'm putting that down to my poor nail polish application skills...

It seems to last on the nails a decent amount of time too, four days without a base coat or top coat and a good week with:))

So I'm a happy bunny about this polish and I'll definitely buy more shades^_^

What's your favourite nail polish brand and colour? Are you a fan of the BarryM range?

Cheerio! Milly x


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P.S. image mapping decided to randomly delete my header which was extremely annoying so I've spent a good hour putting it back to normal:/ has anyone else had this problem? I'm also in the process of creating an 'About Me' page so that will be ready in the next week:)) byee

Saturday, 20 September 2014

France #4

Hello everyone! Today I have the final instalment of my France picture diary greatness! Enjoy...

Arguably the best sunglasses selfie ever. Chloe the 7 year old looks so sassy:' DD
Crabbing around

Horse riding was super fun, it doesn't half hurt you bum though! I'm happy to report I didn't fall off too, GO SPORT.

Just a casual zip wire going across the river..
We fell in :'((((

The place where we went kayaking also had a water park! Woo

Everywhere in France sells Orangina, it's goood

So that concludes my trip to France, let me know what you thought about my trip posts and which one was your favourite!:) Have you ever been to France? What are your favourite activities to do there?  Do you like French plaits (see pic above...Yay!) ?

France #1
France #2
France #3

Tonight I've got a folk gig playing jigs and reels to some scouts, I get free food and refreshments, it's going to be a mad night...

Let me know what you have got going on this week:))

Cheerio! Milly x


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Monday, 8 September 2014

Style Inspiration #1

Today I thought I'd share with you some style inspirations I have pinned on my Pinterest which you can follow HERE. I'm OBSESSED with Pinterest recently, I've found soo many DIYs, makeup tips and clothes that I need in my life. If you don't know what Pinterest is, it's basically just the more sophisticated GIF free Pinterest^_^ So Enjoyy:)))

Looking for a checked shirt like this, any recommendations?

Her lipstick, glasses and cardigan are PERFECT

Once I've finished school this is the hair I'm getting, it's so pwetty:*


How do I not have any black ankle boots?! What is life..


On the hunt for some AMAZEBALLS Doc. Martins, I prefer the matt leather ones as opposed to the shiny ones, what about you?

Don't know if I could pull off these red Disco Pants, I do adore this look though!
What are your style inspirations? Do you use Pinterest?  Let know in the comments below! Hope you liked this post:)

Cheerio! Milly x


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