Saturday, 23 August 2014

5 Reasons to Love Maths

I'm aware that 99% of my readers will have scrolled past this post but for those who haven't then WELL DONE (+6749 maths cool points) Let's kick this post off then: I'm a blogger who happens to L-O-V-E mathematics.

Why so beautiful?

Yep and because of this I thought I'd share some reasons to love maths. Please don't stop visiting my blog, it's not all about maths, we also talk about puppies and rainbows)

1. First thing's first: a study has proven that Chocolate can improve your maths skills and make you feel less tired or mentally drained. This means that whilst studying and before exams you HAVE to eat chocolate because then you will become a maths GENIUS. If that's not a reason to love maths then I don't know what is;) You can read the full article ~HERE~

Notice how I demonstrated this in a mathematically way^, pretty proud of myself for that one^_^

2. Realise that in maths you don't even need to be good at spelling, have to wear horrific clothes and get all sweaty afterwards or remember case studies. All that maths requires is for you to sit in a room, incredibly still and look like you're entering stuff on a calculator when in reality you're just trying to spell words on it...

Alternatively you could attempt to have a go at a few questions and discover that YOU ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!!!

3. The answers are either right or wrong, no faffing around deciding if it's 'relevant to the question' etc. That's one of the reasons I love maths so much as, unlike English, it's black and white!

4. You don't have to remember words or phrases, facts or philosophies to the exact letter. In fact maths requires the least amount of revision once you've got your head around parts of it.  Any formula you might need to use is on the front of your exam paper so the only thing you need to remember is how to APPLY it to questions:)) Piece of PI*

5. It's super practical, you can use maths for practically anything! So whatever you want to do/ are doing now uses maths, WOOP!

Something a bit different here on Miyyi, let me know what you think down below! Also what are your opinions on maths, do you love or hate the subject and please tell me why I'm genuinely interested!!^_^

Side note from maths... when this post goes up I'll be in Wales staying with family, probably looking at castles or body boarding on the beach, FUN! But I've just worked out how to schedule a post to go up. This obviously means I'm no longer a blogging N00B, woohoo!!

Cheerio! Milly x


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* I changed it from 'piece of cake' to 'piece of Pie' to 'Pi' because it was a maths word. I'm so sorry that was so awful I even had to explain myself, plz no h8.


  1. Haha I love maths too. You are completely right. Although the chocolate thing sounds interesting haha. Never heard of it before !
    Eb x

  2. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check it out on my most recent post here:

  3. All through school I was rubbish at maths - I just didn't get it. After I left I went to evening classes and was taught by a teacher who could actually teach maths and discovered I was actually quite good at it - I now work as a geodesist working with maths everyday! And you're right about chocolate - I can only write posts if I'm stuffing Dairy Milk Oreo (and I'm eating some now nomnomnom) x

    1. You're right, maths teachers do make the lesson seem 'easier', most people find maths so difficult and un-enjoyable because hey haven't got a very good teacher to help them when they're struggling. Thanks for commenting and making me crave dairy milk oreo!
      Milly x

  4. Yes. I read this post, didn't even scroll past. I actually like maths too!! It's easy and practical and can do almost anything! There's no maybe, it's just right and wrong. You don't even really need to study before a test. So thank you for making me feel less weird. ;) I love your blog.


    1. You're welcome, I'm always here to make people feel less weird;) Well done for not scrolling past and thank you so much for commenting^-^ I've found another maths loving blogger:)
      Mily xx