Sunday, 1 December 2013

Catch up and my Trip to London

Well hello everyone, long time no see! How are you all? Let's grap a cup of tea and have a good catch up about the lack of blogging recently. Also, I thought I'd share with you my trip to London that happened on Wednesday and Thursday this week. Sounds like a good idea, off we go!!

So my last post was nearly a month ago... A MONTH! But no fear, I'm back and bustling with blogging ideas (like the alliteration?)

First of all, the Christmas Cracker Swap me and my blogger friend Rachel were hosting was a massive fail. No comments on our posts, we were extremely disappointed:( The post has been removed now and we may try again next year. Any feedback on why you didn't get involved would be greatly appreciated in the comments below:)

School, music and diving has been taking up a lot of my time recently. What with being in year 10, GCSE coursework has kicked in as well as tonnes of unwanted homework meaning any spare time I have is taken up doing that... How depressing;) Also music rehearsals for upcoming Christmas concerts and diving training means my free blogging day is usually Sunday unless of Homework, competitions or concerts. I hope now you guys understand! :p

So let's get on to a more cheery note of MY SUPER AMAZING TRIP TO LONDON. This happened on Wednesday and Thursday which meant I got to miss 2 whole days of school, YAY :D It was a GCSE music trip for year 9, 10 and 11, we were all very excited on Wednesday morning with our suitcases and comfy shoes. The trip entailed us going on the London Eye, watching the West-End show Charlie and the Chocolate factory and taking part in a London Symphony Orchestra workshop. As well as dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and staying over at a swanky hotel!:)

The 5 hour coach drive seemed to last 5 years. Stupid traffic jams:(( This was turned around when we stopped at the services and I had a Starbucks Frappe, not as good as Costa but I was still a happy bunny;)

Milly with an ie though:(
We finally got to London, horray! I was devastated when we drove past the GIGANTIC Topshop on Oxford Street knowing we didn't have any time on the tight schedule to do some shopping and I love to shop! :p

The London eye was amazing, I'd been on it before so knew the drill but it was still a laugh being so high above the city!

Because the drive took so friggin long we didn't even get chance to change out of our scruffy travelling clothes to go to dinner and the theatre! We were all extremely disappointed, one of my friends who went spent £68 on a special outfit for it, she wasn't happy.

The Rainforest Cafe omg the atmosphere was amazing and the set up of the place is amazing, it even has it's own little special shop on the top floor! It's special trademark was thundering every 30 mins or so, this wasn't good for the non-thunder lovers... We had the choice of Pasta or Burger, most of us, including me chose burger. The food wasn't that super but the huge fish tank in the middle made up for it;)

Then off we went to watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, the best show I've ever seen. Charlie was played by a 9 year old who was incredible! The set was by far the best bit, I well and truly recommend this if you want to go and see a fantastic play. It was actually pretty hilarious as well which is always a bonus!

Then it was time for bed... But Big Bang Theory was on at 2:30 in the morning so not much sleep was had.

The next day was the London Symphony Orchestra workshop which consisted of composition and playing of this very unusual instrument which I've forgotten the name of, oops. It was fantastic:D Good
use of adjectives here, I'm starting to run out... Our composition consisted of a cow mooing, it was all very professional :p

Also check me out wearing the same jumper Zoella bought from her Primark hall^^^

Then we got on the coach back home. We stopped at the services and I had a KFC and some mango, no regrets there:)

So there we go, I hope enjoyed and this extra long post made up for the lack of them these last few weeks. Daily bloggers I look up to you!!

Cheerio! Milly x



  1. Hi Milly, having read your post, it seems you had a really good time in London. What a great experience the London Symphony Orchestra Workshop must have been? Also, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Musical must have been fun? We like going to the Theatre, the last musical we saw was earlier in the year, when we went to watch Evita. Starred Marty Pellow from Wet, Wet, Wet ( you may be too young to know of that 80's group!).

    Look forward to reading your next post - this one was very interesting. You are a good writer!

    Take care, bye for now. Amanda Young xx

    1. Hi Amanda!!
      Thank-you for reading my blog post:) Yeah the whole trip to London was amazing, pity we only stayed for one night:( And Charlie and the chocolate Factory was brilliant, the best show I've probably ever seen:D
      Byeee Amanda, Milly xxxx

    2. Hi Milly,
      Just read your reply & I realise that I have put AMANDA (my actual name, but family don't call me that!!) meant to type in Mandy (as in Aunty Mandy!!) must have been a bit '!). Any way, sorry about that!