Monday, 27 January 2014

My Go Too Handreams of 2013/14!

Hey everyone! Two posts in a week, hope you all feel very special indeed. I have a free half an hour so here you go, my go too hand-creams hope you enjoy:))

I get really chapped, dry and sensitive hands in the autumn and winter months so it takes me a while to find the perfect hand-cream that moisturises yet doesn't cause my hands to feel on fire when I put it on.

 First up is this super handy Neutrogena hand-cream that is my go to handbag cream as you only have to apply a really tiny blob on your hand. This is great as it means you don't feel like you've got handcream on so you can carry on with everything without leaving a slimy residue behind:)) It amazes me how even though you only put a tiny bit on, it still moisturises your hands so much and doesn't cause them to sting at all. It's also in an incredibly tiny bottle as it's so concentrated which means it fits in your bag wonderfully.

As for smell, this product doesn't really have any. I personally like this for when I'm out and about:)

The price of this product is between £3 and £4 which is quite good considering the number of uses you get from it.

Excuse the drawing on my hand:))
My other go to hand-cream is this Hemp Hand Protector from Body Shop which I absolutely ADORE! It's very thick, very moisturising but slightly more expensive compared with the Neutrogena one costing £10 for this size bottle. This is the hand-cream I use on a night as it's thicker and does leave your hands feeling very handcreamy (if that's a word?!) and when I get up on a morning it leaves my hands feeling so unbelievably soft. If you have really dry, chapped hands then this is the hand-cream for you.

You do have to use quite a lot of the cream when applying to completely moisturise your hand which means the larger bottle is recommended as it can run out quite quickly, especially if you apply it everyday like I do.

I quite like the smell of this hand-cream. It's not a sweet. That's all I got. I recommend having a smell when you next go past Bodyshop but that isn't what makes this product good, it's the brill effect it has on your hands that caused me to buy the big bottle.

So there we go! Hope you enjoyed that Monday blogpost. I want to start blogging more regularly this year but please don't hold it against me, school is taking up a LOT of time recently *cry*

Anyway got to go now! Let me know in the comments below what hand-creams you've been loving at the moment, I'll look forward to replying to them:)

Cheerio! Milly x


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