Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Currently I'm...

Hi everyone! Today I thought I'd try the "currently I'm..." tag sort of thing. I got this from a lovely blogger called Cat who you can check out  here. I think it's a really cute, fun idea and means I can share with you guys what I'm doing at the moment! So off we go...

Taken a few months ago but thought this post needed some pictures:D
I'm currently reading Bill Brysons autobiography. No particular reason other than it was on the bookshelf, and I hadn't read it. I've nearly finished the book and I can say it's probably one of the best autobiography's out there. I think it's just the page turning humour that does it for me but his writing style means not only does it appeal to adults, but teenagers as well. I've also been loving Eva Ibbotson's Dragonfly Pool, it's just an amazing book about a girl going off to boarding school. Put it on your read list, it's great!

At the moment I'm watching an old series called Daria. It's an Ameriacan teenage cartoon about this very sarcastic girl in high school, it's super funny. I got into it from Netflix after just finishing IT crowd ( a brilliantly British comedy) and I needed a new series to watch. Definitely check it out, I've never heard about it before or know anyone who watches it so let me know in the comments below if any of you guys have ever seen it.

Listening To
Treasure by Bruno Mars and Dear Darlin' by Olly Murs. Loving both of those songs at the moment!

McDonalds Mango and Pineapple smoothies! Seriously, I think these are delicious, I'd much rather have a smoothie or glass of juice than a can of Coke in this hot weather:) 

My new hair colour! I dyed my hair a mahogany colour a few days ago and I'm in love with it. I was a bit precarious at first as I was unsure about how it would come out on my natural dark brown hair. So I got a 28 washes dye and hoped for the best:) and horray, it all went well and I've found love with the colour.

Painting my nails. Every day it seems I'm painting them a different colour since it's the summer, I don't know, I think I'm going through a phase of pastelly, vibranty colours at the moment. Right now I have a lovely mint colour on them and on my toes I have a bright blue. 

Well it's the summer holidays so no school means not much learning;) But a disastrous trip to the beach taught me that there are poisonous fish in the sea called weaver fish that sting you if you stand on them (from my sister stepping on one). Hmm what else... Oh and to not try and run in flip flops.

Different coloured checked shirts, it's summer! I'm going through another phase, a shirt phase... I've always liked them but it seems this summer that my wardrobe is full of checks! It could be the fact that they're so cheap at Primark or it could be that I just fancy myself as a little farmer girl (sorry for the stereotype). Whatever it is, that's what I'm wearing.

Hope you guys enjoyed that:) I might make this a monthly feature, opinions? Let me know what you're up to in the comments below.

Milly x

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  1. Hi Milly, I have just joined your followers on Google Friend Connect. Please will you do the same on mine should you wish to as I only have one follower and that is myself.
    Holly x

  2. Hi Holly,
    Yes I have done:)
    Milly x

  3. This would be a great monthly thing Milly :) I've been thinking about something similar for a while now but I;m not really sure yet aha
    Catriona xx