Sunday, 4 August 2013

Rubber Collection!?

Hey everyone! This week I did have another musical post planned but my laptop couldn't handle all of the photos and videos:( But don't fear! We have today a lovely collection post install for you to enjoy, so off we go, my rubber collection...:D

I've been collecting rubbers for around 6 years. Everywhere I go, when in the giftshop, I always buy one. Unfortunately, rubbers seem to be a very British souvenir, whenever looking abroad for them, I have no luck, apart from when I went to Amsterdam. 

My favourite rubbers are above^  The stripy rainbow one says "Sunlight Is Made Of All The Colours Of The Rainbow" and I just think that's really cute. The pig, what can I say about the pig? It's face just makes me laugh, that's about it. I love seahorses, that's why this seahorse is one of my favourites. Finally Van-Gogh's face just brings back memories of a family trip to Amsterdam, I also get jealous of his hat...

My least favourite rubber is this Thackray museum one as I remember hating the foul smell of the realistic museum and ending up running through the rooms holding my nose. The rubber's ok I guess, just the smelly museum.

Well, at least I posted something!

Let me know if you enjoyed! What do you guys collect? 

Cheerio! Milly x

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  1. Cool post :) I collect bags - handbags, tote bags, backbacks - you name it I've got it. I currently have around 25 because my mum made me chuck some out.. boohoo :( I guess they do take up a lot of space though :p xx

  2. That's the good thing about collecting rubbers, they don't take up much space;) Having 25 bags must be good though, a bag to match every outfit!:))xx

  3. Man that is a LOT of rubbers! I LOVE the skull rubbers, and that frog one with the pink top on, I'm pretty sure I had a collection of those little things back when I was younger and I named them... good times. I don't really collect anything per se - but if it's Japanese related I'm probably going to be interested in getting it!

    Jean XXX

    1. Haha, aww, naming them would be fun! But knowing me I'd forget who was who and get all muddled... Yeah the frog one is really cute, it looks like it belongs in an old retro game, FUN! Thanks for commenting:))

      Milly xxx

  4. This is quite a lot! They are cool! I collect stuff too and emptied them out a while ago but i am building a new collection again!

    1. Yeah, I'm starting to think I have a little TOO many rubbers;) Oooh what are you collecting? I love collections as you can look back over them and remember trips and places where you got them:))

      Thanks for commenting! Milly xx