Sunday, 6 October 2013

When my Cat Fell Out of My Bedroom Window

Today I thought I'd share with you a true story about my cat Tinka falling out of my second story bedroom window. So off we go!

Tinka as a kitten:*
Let us start with some background information about Tinka: She is a semi feral rescue cat who is now 4 years old and VERY naughty. She is vicious hunter that all the neighbourhood cats are scared of and she loves a good cuddle with her wonderful owner Milly;)

Tinka went through a stage of loving to balance on the outside part of the windowsill, this was only on the first floor windows so no worries there.

Being a daredevilish cat, Tinka decided to try this trick on the outside of my bedroom window, 2 stories up... This is a good point to note that Tinka was also a very clumsy cat, not a good combination.

My mum was downstairs on the computer doing some work in the room which is directly underneath my bedroom with a window facing in the same direction. All of a sudden she sees this flash looking unusually a cat shaped and then an almighty thud. Outside she went to find a Tinka shaking herself off and looking a bit dazed. "Oh dear" she thought (obviously). My mum watched her for a while to make sure the poor cat wasn't injured and then off Tinka skipped to go and chase some butterflies.

The next day, Tinka got stung by a bee in the paw (I said she was clumsy). This resulted in a trip to the vets in which Tinka was treated for her pawly paw (see what I did there?) and then diagnosed with mild concussion. "Oh dear" we thought (obviously).

This whole disaster story has taught us all that if your cat or any other animal for that matter falls out of a second story window, whip them to the vets to double check they're ok;)

Hope you all enjoyed that little tale!:)

I mustn't leave our other cats out so here's some cute pictures of them...

Here is Blackie, my mum's cat who's 16 now:O Old photo alert!
This adorable photo of my sister's cat Lola when she was a kitten:*
And finally Tinka and Lola together, aww!

So there you go! Such fun;)
Do any of you guys have cats? Any funny or cute stories you can tell me in the comments, I'd love to hear them! If no cats then have you got any other pets?

Cheerio! Milly x

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