Monday, 12 August 2013

SRSChallenge- Paragraph From POV of my Favourite Character...

Hey Everyone! Today I'm carrying on with the #SRSChallenge that Cat and Charli are hosting by attempting to write a paragraph from the point of view of my favourite book character, drum roll please: Lola, from Lauren Child's children's book series, Charlie and Lola! Horray!:D

I'm going to write about Lola being aloud to choose one small animal from a pet shop with her brother Charlie along with a cage and some treats and toys. Off we go...

Eeek, I'm so absolutely and completely EXCITED Charlie, how can I choose just one pet, they are all so cute and fluffy. Look at this rabbit, oh, and this small hamster, CHARLIE I bet if I asked mum reaaally nicely she'll let me have at least two pets. I can say they all fell asleep on my lap and now I can't possibly move without getting them! No Charlie we are not ever never getting a snake or a spider or a lizard, they are too slimy and too scary for me. Ooooh what about a Chinchilla, yes a chinchilla,  aww Charlie look that is definitely 100% what I want pleease, is that good? But which one?! This is too hard Charlie, do I want that white one or that grey one, oh wait look at that tiny black one, I will call her Loli and she'll be my best friend, after Lotta of course! Yay, I love her Charlie, now lets find a cage. Ooooh look at that big one with the slide, look Charlie it has a SLIDE a SLIDE!! We have to have that one, I bet Loli would love to have a slide. That was easy. Now for treats, I wonder what Loli will like, oh, I know Charlie, PINK MILK! Can you buy pink milk at pet stores? Ohh, we'll just have to give her some raisins. I'm so completely and utterly happy with my new pet. Can we take her home now?

So that was it! Sorry if that didn't make any sense non-Charlie and Lola fans... But it was super fun to write:D 

The next part of the Summer Reading Smackdown is to read and review a recommended book, so my question for you to answer in the comments is: Have you got any recommended books for me to read? Please let me know as I need to start reading it asap before the challenge finishes next Wednesday the 21st:)

 Are any of you guys taking part in this reading challenge? Have you got a pet Chinchilla?!

Cheerio! Milly x
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